Alachua County Health Department

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2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey

General Information

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Were you assisted in a timely manner when you arrived?
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Is this your first visit to our office?
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Have you received services at our office before?
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Where do you live?

Were you able to call us for information about our services?
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Would you prefer to come to us with your water and/or septic permit needs?
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During your visit, did our staff give you any helpful information?
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Was our staff friendly & courteous?
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Did you receive the services you needed/wanted?

Was the staff knowledgeable about the services you needed/received during your visit?
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If you had a concern about the services you received, was the issue addressed timely and resolved to your satisfaction?
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Was the information given to you about our services correct?
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Overall Satisfaction

How was your overall experience?
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Were you completely satisfied with the services you received?
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What can we do to make your next visit better?

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